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PDA is the place to see everything you never knew you wanted to see. It's the unofficial home to LA's burgeoning clown scene, but we subscribe to no genre. Comedy, theater, music, performance art, live podcasts, movie screenings, film festivals - we offer it all in a delectably intimate 35-seat setting.

PDA is available to be home to your next creation. Our rates are low low, making it just the place to host your next show, workshop, rehearsal, film shoot, podcast recording, live stream, movie screening or jam sesh. We can work together or get the heck out of your way. Inquire within for package deals.

Our theater is equipped with three HQ PTZ cameras, shotgun microphones and a switcher to offer a high quality live streaming experience for our viewers at home. We've got a whiz for all your capture (video, audio & photo), live streaming needs. Ask us how our team can help you extend your reach.


Got a wild idea for an event in our space? We're open to it! Please read below for more info on our theater, tech availability, and show slots.

Have an idea for something specific that doesn't fit within our regular show parameters? We can work with you! Please reach out to us directly at and we can discuss making a custom plan for your event.

general info

  • Located at 2553 North Fair Oaks Ave in Altadena, CA

  • 35 seat capacity.

  • Has a small green room area with stage access.

  • Two parking spots available in the lot plus plenty of street parking.

  • Outside picnic bench area for patrons to congregate before/after shows.

  • Drinks and snacks available for purchase.

  • Our space is not age restricted, however our content is not censored for younger audiences. Viewer/attendee discretion is advised.

  • Our theater space is ground level and accessible with mobility devices, however our bathroom is not. Please reach out to us directly if you have any specific concerns.


  • Elevated tech booth in the back of the room with DMX light board, PA system mixer (with bluetooth connection available), wireless mic receiver, house laptop, and streaming PC.

  • PA speaker system

  • Four handheld mics (wireless or wired), 2 lav mics, 1 headset mic.

  • Three dimmable tungsten lights (left, right, center), tungsten bulb string lights, dimmable red, green, or blue LED spotlight.

  • Projector and 90" screen with HDMI connections at tech booth.

  • 42" mounted TV available with HDMI connections at tech booth.

  • Live streaming/recording services may be available for an additional fee based on needs and staff availability. Please contact for more info.

show slots

  • Show slots are 90 minutes.

  • Monday-Friday, anytime before 5 and then 7pm & 9pm and Saturday-Sunday, anytime before 3 and then 5pm, 7pm, 9pm. 

  • You may arrive 30 minutes prior to your show.

  • Must be fully out 30 minutes prior to the next show.

  • If a longer slot is needed, please contact us at for a custom plan.

  • All shows applications are subject to approval by PDA staff and reservations are considered holds until show application is received and approved.

primetime show deals

  • The fee to reserve a primetime show slot (Fri-Sun evenings) is $100. PDA will host tickets and split ticket sales with 25% going to PDA and 75% of sales going to the show. Payouts will be made within ten business days of the show due to our bank's payment processing times.

  • Ticketing is hosted by PDA, snacks/drinks available via PDA.

  • Option to supply your own tech/door person or request a volunteer to be provided by PDA. PDA-provided volunteers are available for basic or minimal light/sound, doors, crowd control, and help cleaning/resetting the space. If you need more advanced tech, please reach out to for our list of techs available for hire.

  • Livestreaming or recording options may be available for an additional fee depending on need and staff availability. Please reach out to Budd at to inquire about livestreaming or recording.

  • Optional deal: $250 flat rate/private event, you keep everything you make, you handle your own ticketing, doors, and concessions.

wip/off-hours shows

  • We offer a discounted rate for WIP/off-hours shows that can take place during weekdays or non-prime hours.

  • Show slot is 90 minutes.

  • Monday - Thursday anytime before 6:30, then 7 or 9pm, Friday before 6:30, or Saturday - Sunday before 4:30pm

  • $70 per show

  • Show runner is responsible for door, tech, concessions.

  • PDA will host tickets and disseminate sale revenue within 10 business days of the show, due to our bank's payment processing times.

rehearsals, workshops, and classes

  • Rehearsals, workshops, and classes are booked in 2 hour increments.

  • Monday - Thursday all day, $35/hr, 2 hr minimum

  • Friday before 6:30pm, $35/hr, 2 hr minimum

  • Saturday - Sunday, before 4:30pm, $35/hr, 2 hr minimum

  • Teacher/Instructor is responsible for any tickets or registration required for their workshop or class.

Show runner / reserver is responsible for paying reservation fees to PDA.

Payment is collected at the time of booking through our calendar system. Any profits made through ticket sales will be distributed by PDA within ten business days of the event.

Props and costumes: Outside equipment may be brought into the theater, but must be removed within a timely manner. Our storage space is extremely limited and we highly encourage you to make sure you take all your items with you at the end of the show. If you have a recurring show and will need to store any items for the run of your show, please reach out to our team directly to make appropriate arrangements so that the items will not interfere with any other use of the space during that time. After ten days post-event, any abandoned property will be forfeited and becomes the property of PDA.

Can I bring my own tech person?

Yes! Everything you need to know about the tech at PDA can be found here in our PDA Handbook.

Can I do a screening?

Yes! Screening rates align with our standard show slots. If your screening will take longer than a 90 minute show slot, pelase reach out to us directly to book. Additional hours will be booked at a rate of $35/hr.

Have an idea for something specific that doesn't fit within our regular show parameters or time slots? We can work with you! Please reach out to us directly at and we can discuss making a custom plan for your event.

Note: Our calendar availability is limited at this time as we are working on revamping our system. Apologies for the limited slots available. We will have more announced soon.

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