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PDA is an entirely volunteer-run space, and your contribution helps keep us going! Volunteers may redeem 2 free hours of rehearsal time at the theater per volunteer shift, and as a bonus you'll get to see whatever show you're working at for free!


Below are some responsibilities you may be asked to do during your shift:

- Running Doors

  • Checking in patrons using our PDA smartphone or a printed list

  • Selling tickets through venmo or cash

  • Selling concessions through venmo or cash


- Tech -

  • Turning on the mixer/PA

  • Connecting mic and setting levels on the board

  • Working with showrunners to execute sound cues

  • Turning on the show lights

  • Turning off the house lights when its showtime


- General -

  • Make sure trash cans are empty

  • Make sure snacks and drinks are stocked

  • Reset chairs or any PDA property that may have been moved during the show.

  • Turn on AC

Below is our calendar of available shifts:



Below is a short instructional walkthrough of the space, tech, and volunteer expectations at PDA! We recommend giving this a whirl before your shift to get familiar with what you'll be doing.

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